Our company can design and produce “special burner” for thecustomers and we can make do environment protection and “save fuel.”


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 ( Sales marketing area) : Japan, China, Taiwan, Nicaragua,                Indonesia

Diesel hydrogen and oxygen burner ( Japan)

TJ-15 Diesel ( Nicaragua)

Hydrogen Oxygen burner  (China)

Full Proportion burner (Taiwan)





Gas burner (Taiwan)

Asphalt   factory  (Taiwan)

Asphalt                  (Taiwan)

Steel Factory        (Taiwan)





Steel Factory  ( Taiwan)

TJ-75 Diesel Burner (Taiwan)

Hydrogen Oxygen burner  ( China)

TJ-500 Full Proportion burner ( China)






Full Automatic Air pressure heavy oil , diesel , gas , waste oil burner





Furnace Body

( Sales marketing area) : Taiwan, China

Sintering Furnace ( Taiwan,China)

Steel Packing Box Sintering  Furnace       ( Taiwan )

Two Gate Sintering  Furnace( Taiwan)




Sintering Furnace (Taiwan)

Automatic Tunnel Transport Furnace (Indonesia)

Gas hot blast stove




Periphal Oven

High Temperature heater

Heat Treatment Furnace




Round Electric  Heating Furnace

Oil Fryer for food business

Direct Hot blast paint furnace



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