Our company can design and produce “special burner” for thecustomers and we can make do environment protection and “save fuel.”

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Long Tube Annealing Furnace, Brilliance Furnace, Tension Elimination Furnace, Short Tube Heat Treatment Furnace( Bending, Three-Way, Valve)

Description of Furnace and Advantage:

  •  The design of our furnace does not occupy much space and  the furnace has good appearance.

  • The design based on the theory of force can prolong the furnace lifespan.

  • Easy to transport and no need to build in the customers’ factory

  • The upper part of the round furnace is pipe “ delivery band” and the lower part are air exhauster and heat recovery device.

  • Exhaust System: Through the lower part of delivery band to underground pipe and to the chimney outside the building. The design can keep the environment clean.

  • Combustion heat is from high to low, in this way, heat convection can saturate. It enables all the piping fittings to be heated evenly and not bended , so the quality can upgrade.


tj2.JPG (32657 個位元組) tj2-1.JPG (75249 個位元組)
Width2300m/m We use “ Heavy Oil Heater” 10KW
Height1800m/m The width ( working area)  inside the furnace : 1000 to 2000mm
Length12m~22m We can design and make according to your demands
Electric Consumption ( Power ) : about  15 HP Fuel: Heavy Oil, Electricity, Gas, diesel Oil


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