Our company can design and produce “special burner” for thecustomers and we can make do environment protection and “save fuel.”

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Our company have gained good reputation from producing “ Safety rotary burner” (Patent No. 939) in 1966  to “ TA Jung double layer injection burner. Through “ our target: much better than before , serve for Industry.” Our company develops “ TaJung multi-function automatic Gun type full oil burner” “ TaJung high efficiency shell mold preheat furnace” and some special furnace. We also develop many new styles of burners.

Gas burner ;

(1) Middle pressure supply system, preventing from the danger caused by low pressure exploded by the pressure-reducer membrane.

(2) Small supply pipe line

(3) Low cost

(4) Easy to install

(5) Fire adjusting range

(6) Mechanical accessory

(7) Long life span

(8) High safety

(9) Special different form ventilation controller to reach “ combustion efficiency”

(10) Design of fire gush suitable any demands

**The burner : LPG gas and LNG gas There is no need to modify the current device. ***If equipped with our newest fire flame alarm controller , with UV rays electric eye to monitor the flame. If abnormal  flame occurs, automatic alarm will work. It will cut off the electricity and gas to prevent from fire and save fuel and safety.


Automatic heavy oil, Diesel,gas burner

◎ Automatic multi-fuel combination burner

Automatic Proportion burner

◎ Special burner for high temperature, much oil volume

Rotary burner

◎ High , low temperature hot blast stove

Heavy oil, diesel Gas high temperature sintering burner

◎ Heat treatment furnace


◎ Thermo-oil boiler

Steam boiler

◎ Produce furnace combustion system and automatic control

Design Industrial burners

◎ Fire flame alarm controller


◎ Heavy oil heater

Ultraviolet ray electric eye

◎ Combustion control component

Special Furnace Body Design Capacity

◎ Waste Oil Burner


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